2016 Ranked | Best of My 2016

Without a recommendation via podcast I never ever would've given Nerve a chance. The concept is stupid and the film looks like it caters to high school children. That being said, the commentary on today's social media obsessed society is fantastic; by Nerve the film sacrificing itself on the altar of absurdity the message of Nerve is able to flourish.

1. Sydney is a perfect stereotype of the Like/Follower addicted pathetic drone that sadly permeates society. Who gives a fuck how many Likes your photo gets? Do you really need people to click a button in order for you to feel good about yourself? By whoring yourself out for followers--or even, god forbid, buying them--does that make you feel like your life has more meaning that it would otherwise? "Follow me, I follow back", "hey can I get a retweet?". You should be ashamed and utterly embarrassed. If these social media platforms--Letterboxd included--removed the ability to Like and to Follow I guarantee the number of users would drop off a cliff. If you can't seek validation from random people on the Internet then what's the point of life?

2. Venus's final speech was a wonderful shout out to the trolls out there. Would you say all of the stuff that you type online aloud if it had your name attached to it? Would you say those things to someone's face? I highly doubt it.

3. The Prisoner mode of Nerve is great as well. It pokes fun at the idiots who put everything about themselves and their families online. Are people that stupid that they don't realize they're oversharing and putting themselves at risk? But, we all know that you need to share personal info with strangers online so when they Like you you can feel like they actually like you since they know the real you. Some people are stupid enough to put childhood street, first pet's name, and mother's maiden name on their Profile. How stupid can you get?

For as much good as the Internet has done it's time to acknowledge that it's done far more harm.