Scream ★★★½

"'What's your favorite scary movie?'"

Tell me you don't immediately think of this film when you hear that iconic quote....

While I don't think this is scary at all now, when I saw this for the first time I was alot younger and was terrified to go out at night alone because of this. This is definitely my favorite horror film though. I think that the opening sequence is probably the best scene in any horror film and definitely one of my favorite film sequences of all time.

This was on the television in my gym earlier this week for AMC's Fear Fest and I realized that I hadn't seen in in quite awhile. So, in honor of Halloween, I had to watch this in its entirety.

When I first saw this I was pretty young and I had no idea that Craven was poking fun at the horror genre and horror films; he brilliantly uses Jaime Kennedy's character to explain the rules of horror films and their inner-workings while crafting his own film in much the same way, often creating parity. Notable examples of this are: the breast reveal towards the end, Jaime Kennedy yelling "Jaime! Behind you" at Jaime Lee Curtis but also himself (Jaime Kennedy) while the killer is behind him, and Neve Campbell dissing horror films because the dumb bimbo runs up the stairs instead of going out the front door only for her to do that exact thing herself a moment later. Now, having seen many more horror films since I saw this the first couple of times, this film is much more enjoyable and seems like two films in one.

Despite the parody nature of this film it is still a quality film in its own right. As aforementioned, the opening sequence is outstanding. And the way that Craven creates the character of Ghostface is pretty cool too. Even after seeing this multiple times I still can't find a moment when it's obvious who the killers are. If I just spoiled this then you have no business being on this site as I don't know how you haven't seen this film yet Also, there aren't cheap pop-out scares. Craven relies on the mental games being played with the characters as well the audience to incite terror. Personally, I think this is the best way to construct a horror film; cheap scares result in a cheap film. Plausibility and psychological warfare are much more terrifying.

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