The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers ★★★★★

The second film in my LOTR Extended Edition marathon. See my review for The Fellowship of the Ring here.

This film is without a doubt the one that I've seen the most. Whenever TNT has their LOTR marathon on TV I somehow always flip it on at the beginning or in the middle of Two Towers. As a result, it is probably my "least favorite" of the three since I've seen it SO many times and can almost recite the majority of lines in the film. That said, I don't mind watching it again for this marathon.

I really like Rohan and its Rohirrim so the plot line surrounding King Theoden and Eomer is probably my favorite part of the film. Of course, The Battle For Helm's Deep is epic and absolutely visually stunning but I still like the story that revolves around Rohan best.

The Battle For Helm's Deep is surely the climax of the film and probably it's most defining scene. And boy is it deserving. The action is amazing. I did think that the fact that it began to rain right as the battle begun was a bit cliché and corny but that doesn't really take away from the scene's awesomeness.

Of course this is also the first film in the trilogy in which the audience finally sees Gollum/Smeagol. He is mentioned and briefly revealed in the first film but here we see him in his entirety. The animation of the character is great and Andy Serkis's performance is awesome. While we can't see exactly what he is doing, he is basically acting out most, if not all, of Gollum's actions. This is why Serkis has become the go-to-guy from animation like this (King Kong in Peter Jackson's King Kong and Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes). I once heard someone say that Serkis should've been Oscar Nom'd for his performance as Caesar in RotPotA and I think he is just as good here. Sadly, Serkis and actors like him that perform in roles such as the aforementioned do not get any credit.