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  • Alien
  • Dredd
  • Spring Breakers
  • Bottle Rocket
  • Blade Runner

Last Chance Saloon

8 films

For one reason or another I absolutely despised these films. Yet, something is driving me to rewatch them. In a…

  • American History X
  • True Romance
  • The Lord of the Rings Collection
  • Almost Famous
  • Midnight in Paris

Top 21

21 films

For my Bottom 16, click here

My top 21 movies (20 would've been nice but I couldn't make that number…

  • Balls of Fury
  • The Men Who Stare at Goats
  • The Evil Dead
  • Red Tails
  • The Tree of Life

Bottom 16

16 films

For my Top 21, click here

Seeing as I have a list of my favorite films, I figured I'd make…

  • The Royal Tenenbaums
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • Rushmore
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Films of Wes Anderson Ranked

7 films

My ranking of Wes Anderson films that I've seen.

  • Justice League
  • Complete Unknown
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Wonder Woman
  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

The Trailer Park

27 films

I couldn't find a place on this site where I could post new trailers and teaser trailers that have just…

  • The Dark Knight
  • Iron Man 3
  • Watchmen
  • The Avengers
  • Iron Man 2

Calling All Nerds: Superhero Films Ranked

46 films

A ranking of all the superhero films that I've seen

Batman and Watchmen are included, despite not being superhero films

  • Deepwater Horizon
  • Risky Business
  • Get Out
  • Logan
  • Split

Best of My 2017

18 films

The best films that I watched for the first time in 2017, regardless of year of release. I try to…

  • Get Out
  • Logan
  • All Nighter
  • Win It All

2017 Ranked

4 films

Ranking of feature films released in the U.S. in 2017 that I watched in 2017.

I tried to rank these…

  • The Robber
  • The Motorcycle Diaries
  • The Skin I Live In
  • The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Foreign Flavor

134 films

Foreign Films That I've Seen

  • Training Day
  • The Book of Eli
  • Man on Fire
  • Inside Man
  • Remember the Titans

Top 5 Denzel Washington Films

5 films

Seen but not included: The Bone Collector, The Manchurian Candidate, Out of Time, American Gangster, John Q, Safe House, Flight,…

  • Kick-Ass
  • Revolver
  • Rear Window
  • It's Kind of a Funny Story
  • Law Abiding Citizen

Pleasant Surprises

113 films

Films that I was pleasantly surprised by either because I didn't know anything about them or they surpassed the low…

  • Mud
  • Dallas Buyers Club
  • The Lincoln Lawyer
  • Sahara
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Top 5 Matthew McConaughey Films

5 films

I feel like this is necessary now that Matty Mc has redeemed himself and put in a number of magnificent…