Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith ★★★★★

How in the hell did I ever give this less than 5/5 (well I know why- it usually takes me atleast a rewatch to completely get any scifi things, plus I had rtc goons yelling in my ear. Anyway) this film is not only absolute perfection thematically w anakin’s betrayal/turning, yoda(god) vs palpatine(satan), failed and self fulfilling prophecies, and ofc the beautiful paralleled ending that acts both as the completion and the beginning of journeys (genuine CHILLS that last shot every time), but there are so many incredible little details I love in this. I love when it cuts to yoda who’s sensing something wrong but he doesn’t say it, and the droids oh my god- it’s amazing how R2’s slight hesitation signifies even R2 knows what anakin is about to do. And the scene when obiwan leaves anakin is made infinitely more impactful since that was the one time in probably the entirety of Star Wars where c3po actually shuts up for once and that just GAH the emotion in that entire fight is unreal. Anakin is just perfect in this movie, when he’s got the single tear coming from his eye and you can just feel his anger..and while the ending is heartbreakingly perfect, the entire film is just filled with iconic scenes and I just love it so much😭 I stayed up til nearly 4am to finish this and I love it so much now I could cry I might need to bump this up on my ranking list.. also I feel like I sound like Armando in this review but I’m tired okay I love this movie so much SO MUCH

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