Jackie ★★★★½

I’m still so amazed that Natalie Portman didn’t win big at the oscars for this??? Like I thought the academy loved biopic performances and this one actually deserves all the praise so what the hell??

Anyway, this was better than I remembered, especially because I remember not liking the way things jumped around the first time I watched it but no I get it now. This whole thing is just like, a moving painting. A portrait piece of this woman just overflowing and fizzling with her grief and guilt and anger and sadness. The moments where she gets shushed or told maybe she should sit down when she’s going from person to person trying to make someone listen to her just wrecked me. And I didn’t have a Greta Gerwig to hold me while I cried so it was even worse.

Also I think it was very on brand of me to be in the middle of this movie and be thinking to myself “it’s a story about stories, about myths and legends” and then my next thought being “oh.... just like Black Sails...”

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