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  • Pilgrimage



    A quiet addition for 2017. From the trailer alone I knew this would be pure Alexis fodder, but it was even far better crafted than I had expected.

    *Just a disclaimer... this film is not for the squeamish at all, but then again, what else should you expect from the Crusade era?

    This is also a film that cannot be taken strictly at face value. Like most classical literature, these characters and images are more symbols than anything else. This…

  • Two Cars, One Night

    Two Cars, One Night


    "Hey shut up, I'm reading." lol
    A solid short. I can see that this was the platform Taika Waititi built upon to create 'Boy.' I also love the weird (and I mean this as a compliment) NZ sense of humor that is present in all his films. We get a simple, full story that leaves us with the hope of more story. Bravo.

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  • Queen of Katwe

    Queen of Katwe


    Hey look! A good, recent Disney film with an original feel... Say what??

    Queen of Katwe is a beautiful story-- ultimately more about a girl and her mother than anything else. My only criticism of this film is that it's kind of overly long for the type of story and content, and therefore drags a bit at points. Otherwise, lovely!

    *Side note: Lupita Nyong'o remains simply gorgeous and amazing, and I'm kind of developing a crush on David Oyelowo hehe.

  • Loving



    If you're looking for a social epic with sweeping courtroom scenes and dramatic proclamations, look somewhere else. "Loving" is exactly what I thought it would be. A quiet, pensive peek into the lives of a true couple who faced adversity simply to live a married life as an interracial couple in the late 50s early 60s.

    This film is one of moments. Jeff Nichols wastes no a single shot here. If your eyes are open, you will see hushed symbolism…