Boy ★★★★½

What can I say? Taika all the things! Even the 80s hair and mustache can't un-handsome the guy.
But seriously though, he has mastered the "coming of age" story here. I love that, unlike other films of the indie persuasion, Taika's films show both the harsh reality, as well as the imagination and hope. Or, as stressed in this film, the "potential." It's very balanced.
I really love the POV expressed through Boy's younger brother, Rocky. It actually choked me up with just a few simple images. This film is rich with subtext, and I think Taika is a master of subtext.
The only thing I felt was odd was the "special" guy who hangs out by the river. It seemed like something was building up with him, but then it kind of fizzled out. I would like to know more about that. This movie actually made me want to ask Taika even more questions than I already had for him haha. (Maybe someday!)
New Zealand and the Maori people are beautiful. That's just a fact.