Certain Women

Certain Women ★★★★

ordinarily I like my triptychs a little more explicitly connected, so it took me a while to settle into this, but it's so soothing and sincere that it ultimately becomes a kind of irresistible, soft cinematic lullaby. I saw myself & all the many women I care about in the different characters - each of us is in those small movements, the little things we do often without noticing, or when we believe ourselves unobserved. and although I saw these women through a screen, through windows and distance and their own expressions, I never felt separated from them. there's a sweetness in that sincerity which is a direct product of the natural authenticity female directors have in relation to depicting the experiences of women, and that's undeniably where the comforting warmth that suffuses this film germinates. like any good lullaby, certain women also has hints and warnings of threats and darkness, but it moves lyrically beyond those to settle calmly into the unabashed ordinary, where it stays, promising not only a good night's sleep, but the fresh morning that will inevitably follow. unfortunately for me, my brain runs really fast all the freaking time & it's extremely difficult for me to switch it off, which is why I couldn't quite connect with this as much as it wanted me to, but still I felt those somnambulant tendrils reaching out & winding their way around my consciousness, trying to tug me towards a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

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