Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

•roman griffin davis!!!!!! an absolute KING at eleven years old!!!!!!!!! he was SNUBBED a kid performance has literally not been that good since room (2015)
•deeply deeply surprised by how much i liked scarlett. is she playing the first ever manic pixie dream mom?? is this a bad thing???
•hitler jumping out the fucking window....... got me. Score: 1 up for taika
•elsa effectively existing solely to join the contingent of Jewish Characters Hiding In Your House And Then Surprise! Your Heart Too was ...... less good. score: -1
•i realise that’s a complicated critique to level at the film and also that it did attempt to grapple with it a little - that long-ish scene between elsa and rosie is the strongest in the whole movie - but when the biggest emotional punch doesn’t come from the character around which the central moral conflict pivots it creates significant enough thematic dissonance to warrant some concern
•i knew what taika was going to do with rosie’s shoes as soon as i saw them but that didn’t make it hurt any less :(
extremely tricky to balance this kind of tonal flip-flopping and it does wobble every so often but maybe that’s okay!! i don’t know i’m an idiot
•go in on me if you will but i am HAUNTED by the child actor who plays yorki’s line reading of “it’s definitely not a good time to be a nazi.” fire the jimmys and give this kid a late night talk show of his very own 
•look to be flippant about it, maybe the vibe was touch too much green book “the bad thing is bad” for my tastes but that was almost neutralised by the sheer intemperate chaos of taika-hitler with a half german, half kiwi, all bullshit accent. almost. Score - ???