fuck I keep forgetting to log that I've seen this probably because the majority of my brain WISHES I HAD NOT 

I was going to keep this Glib n Sassy but actually this frightful disasterpiece deserves a mighty slam because for a film that the director attempted to class as groundbreaking it is pitifully ordinary and - super fun surprise - profoundly misogynistic. sorry, art dudebros! it's not #ART if your protagonist uses his Manly Tears to fuel his Manly Anger which then turns into Manly Abuse! that's just sexism! I cannot emphasize how infuriating it is to hear about a film's alleged ""break from convention"" only to have it not only adhere to nasty-ass exploitation and reduction of women but actively sell that as a good thing!! I know a big deal was made about the explicit & unsimulated sex scenes & I realise that a ton of people objected to that but I want to be clear: the sex didn't bother me. the misogyny did. (also the SHEER EGOTISM oh my god a hot tip for noé: u ever name your protagonist's son after yourself again I will come after your ass & I will lecture the shit out of it. watch out)

essentially, the best part about this film was that I got to shred it to pieces as a prime example of the dangers of objectifying & dehumanising women. also I had a nap in the middle.

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