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  • Primal


    First five episodes. More than a little repetitive (lots of one-two shots of creature getting chomped/stabbed followed by creature screeching in pain), but it’s heartening to see Tartakovsky still doing his thing.

  • The Grand Bizarre

    The Grand Bizarre


    I’m in love! You know a filmmaker is working her magic on you when you don’t want to blink even as her movie is beating up your eyes.

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  • Blow Job

    Blow Job


    Very evocative, and makes for a badass photograph (just look at its poster!), but as a 30-minute movie? Come on, dude, cum already. Maybe I'm just jealous that he could last that long.

  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon


    I figured Shoah would unquestionably be my "one of the greatest movies I've ever seen" for September, but how was I supposed to know Barry Lyndon would be this good? I'm feeling bold: This is not only the most beautiful film Kubrick ever made, it might also be his best.