All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★★½

Another excellent war film. Loved almost everything about it except some parts in the middle. I like how far foreign war films are willing to take certain aspects of war to show how brutal it can be, because I feel like American films hold back on a lot. I found a lot of similarities between 1917 and Come and See in the way we follow the main character and their journey through hellish lands. This is however the most violent war film I think I have ever seen. I was oohing and ahhing multiple times which makes it that much more realistic and difficult to watch. I mean seriously, watching someone get smooshed by a freakin tank is terrifying and funny at the same time!!! The cinematography, score, and performances were also excellent. Truly some of the best I’ve seen from this genre. Switching to the love it’s got from the Oscar’s, I see it winning quite a few awards (and reasonably so). This is definitely one you must check out before the Oscar’s. It’s great!!!

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