Dunkirk ★★★½

I can honestly say I have never sat in the cinema and experienced such an excellent sound quality before. Along with Hans Zimmers spine tingling, threatening, unsettling soundtrack which kept creeping up my neck was 100% what this movie needed! I felt like I was in there! Like I was standing on that beach, bullets practically brushing past my ears, I felt the cold merciless wind get to my bones...my mind and body was on chills, imagining what all the involved people and soldiers had to go through in this tough act of war. The cinematography was also stunning. This movie has a dark, muddy, freezing feel to it and is doing everything right in the atmospheric department. The way Nolan put together the story concept is also first class. Unfortunately I have to say, as brilliant as it all looks and is acted by Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, James D'arcy and...well everyone...I'm not sure the concept works for a war story. Even if it had a few logical flaws in there, they did not bother me as much as Nolans execution of trying to make this movie different from all other war movies. Even though I was thrilled of everything that was happening on the screen, this adaption didn't bring forward as much emotion, in fact I felt almost emotionless regarding most characters. But probably that's exactly what he wanted? A bold, distanced view on how relentless this experience was? I'm not sure...With so many other genre's this would have been a genius idea...but with war?

Nevertheless, I will watch it again. Unfortunately on a smaller screen this time. Too bad because this film definitely belongs on the big screen!!

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