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  • Dead or Alive: Final

    Dead or Alive: Final


    On paper, the most ridiculous of the DoA trilogy, in execution, somewhat tepid. It takes the anime vibes from the ending of the first one and tries to sustain them throughout the whole film with mixed effectiveness. It's also obviously very cheaply made.

  • It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World


    A bit too long for it's own good, and by far the better for it's star-studded ensemble cast than for any technical or directorial effort.

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  • Halloween



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Hooptober 5.0 film #23
    I really liked a lot of the latter part of the film, but it has a lot of issues in the beginning.

    Things I did like:
    -The score was great.
    -The awesome reverse time-lapse of the pumpkin during the intro.
    -It ignored all the sequels.
    -Babysitter kid was watching Repo Man.
    -Replacement Loomis was actually pretty good as both an imitation of the original character and a new twist
    -Cinematography was occasionally really cool, esp. the…

  • Celluloid Nightmares

    Celluloid Nightmares


    Hooptober 5.0 film #6

    A sexed-up riff on giallo by way of Videodrome. It's certainly got it's fair share of, shall we say, transgressive content, but it's also got neon, architecture, and a really cool voyueristic/meta thing where 40% of the runtime is either watching someone operate a camera or watching tape playback on a TV within the film. The frequent reminders that you're watching producers of snuff movies watch/make snuff movies in a movie that's also kind of a snuff movie itself are somehow really unsettling.