Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods ★★★

Am a huge fan of Spike Lee’s and was eager to see his latest film.     What I liked about this film was the footage of the Civil Rights movement and of the Vietnam war as the backdrop and how this story illuminated the atrocities of War and how unequal it was on the poor and of people of color.  Film also showed how with the Vietnam war, both our men who served and the Vietnamese people were both victims.  Delroy Lindo’s performance as Paul is Oscar-worthy.    But the script was clunky at times.  Its satirical story line felt so deliberate and off putting that I actually began to lose interest in the story itself.  I like satire in a film if is flows better with the story line than it seemed to in this movie.   Definitely not on the top 10 of Lee’s films in my opinion.

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