Mirror ★★★★★

This film is incredible, as expected. Another movie made to be "felt" rather than understood conventionally, 'Mirror' is filled with some of the most masterful, artistic shots you'll ever see. One of my favorites scenes depicts children playing in the snow that looks EXACTLY like a Bruegel the Elder painting. And, as usual, the atmosphere and setting are meditative and relaxing, which puts you in the mood for deep philosophical thinking about the meaning of life, its ephemerous nature. It's a shame that I got to see a film with such great cinematography in 240p only because it wasn't available to stream anywhere in Canada. I bought the DVD and will certainly rewatch it someday.

Now, I don't think I need to praise the master that is Tarkovsky even more, as so many did it before. I'll just recommend something to you: buy the DVD/Blue Ray as soon as possible and watch it. Or else you may miss one of the greatest meditative movies ever.

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