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  • Joy of Learning

    Joy of Learning


    Emile saved by a copy of Cahiers du Cinema

    Joy of Learning or What It’s Like To Become a Socialist in the Modern World

    I think where people go wrong with Godard is that they interpret the ideas presented in his films as a definitive statement of Godard’s strongly held beliefs when they are really Godard trying to work his way through these ideas. He constantly subverts or contradicts the ideas he presents within the film as an attempt to…

  • The Last Dance

    The Last Dance


    A dynasty/empire/legend/tyrant justifies itself. Not only was all the cruelty done on the way to and during their dominance justified - it was necessary. There's no room in the universe of this film for the idea that winning might not be everything or even that it's possible to win without being cruel. This is the film of a man imprisoned by the ideology of an empire entering decline.

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  • Our Sunhi

    Our Sunhi


    My greatest goal in life is to go out drinking with Hong Sang-soo.

  • A History of Violence

    A History of Violence


    Answers the question: What if John Wayne's character in The Searchers had rejoined society instead of leaving?