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  • Filth



    made my mate have a panic attack-enduced seizure so it must be doing something right!
    nah good film but a bit scary fellas

  • Passchendaele



    Literally everything but the war scenes are a steaming pile of dogshit, the war scenes are very graphic however the acts of heroism are somewhat redundant and romanticised just for dramatic effect so the viewer can 'feel something'. From A historical perspective a friend of mine who knows much more about ww1 than me recognised that the hand to hand military combat and tactics were accurate and well done. The religious symbolism wasn't as effective as it should've been.

    Fuck putting romance in war movies, did the director even watch pearl harbour.

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  • Mommy



    Everything about this film was brilliant
    Why didn't I watch this sooner

  • Mary and Max

    Mary and Max


    Haven't cried like this at a movie since When The Wind Blows.