Scream β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

πŸ”ͺ 9.7/10
yep, still one of my favorite movies of all time
i'm thinking of rewatching all movies i gave 5 stars (which is only 19) and i started doing that rewatching Breakfast Club, and now i'm continuing it with Scream
gosh, i can't explain how much i love this movie
it's not flawless, i have to admit
some dialogues are a little stupid and have some big expository dialogues in it
but this not bothered me at all, for me, this movie still brilliant
Sidney Prescott is my favorite final girl, and probably the smartest one
the chasing scenes are great, all of them are tense and exciting
Ghostface is a remarkable killer, his mask is just amazing
and i love how dumb Ghostface is sometimes, it is realistic
the deaths are amazing too, the first scene of this movie with Drew Barrymore is probably my favorite opening scene of all time
and is impossible for me to talk about this movie without talking about the plot twist
is probably one my favorites plot twist of all time, i wasn't expecting that when i saw for the first time, and watching this movie for the second time, i could see some really good hints
the characters are very good too, all of them are markable
the way that this movie talks about cliche is just so funny and good
Scream is probably my favorite horror franchise, the first one still the best, but all the other movies are great too

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