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This review may contain spoilers.

this is gonna be long as shit!!!! (i’m rambling)

i can’t remember the last time i rated a scary movie five stars without a personal bias. hereditary is like. without a doubt, one of the best movies i’ve ever seen.

it takes immense skill to craft a movie so clever and chilling. the premise is...outdated (grandma dies, leaves weird devil worshipper-esque thing for her family to discover) but even after once you realize what’s sort of going on, it doesn’t take you in the direction that you think it would. horror movies have gotten so dull and bland lately, but, thankfully, not hereditary. everything fed to the tone. the ost sent chills down my spine, notably the last scene — invoking the fear of god into me, actually. 

it doesn’t rely on fear to scare you, but terror, if that makes any sense. it has jump scares and moments where it plays on you not paying attention (or paying too much attention), of course, but so little of it has to do with you being scared and more with the movie itself being genuinely frightening at these points. 

trailers often give away too much, especially for this genre, but i still wasn’t expecting all that happened; charlie’s death was so jarring, i had to step out for a second and come back in. 

the performances were unbelievable. i wasn’t ready for the emotional impact alex wolff, as peter, left on me. for what little she was in, milly shapiro was fantastic. but toni collette is at her best here, delivering every line and breakdown with passion and grief and like...brosef i felt that shit. oh my god. ohhhhhh my god. LIKE. OH MAN. when she was crying after finding charlie’s body, i was also crying. no shame in admitting that.

the ending was wonderful. i didn’t know much about the movie going in, and i let myself be surprised and scared and into it and open to what was happening. i was not let down, at all. this entire review is just me rambling because i’m really excited and chilled and extremely satisfied with this entire film. i already want to give them  money for this & not use my employee discount the next time i see it. because i will see it again. :p

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