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  • Poor Little Rich Girl
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  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad

    I don't care about any Marvel v DC rivalry but its useful to compare the two offerings. Let's start with some simple observations:

    1. Marvel is more producer-driven
    2. DC is more auteur-driven
    3. Marvel sticks to a simple formula
    4. DC is willing to take some risks

    When a DC film fails, it is often an interesting failure (see Man of Steel). When a Marvel film succeeds, it is often still impossible to care about.

    Suicide Squad is the…

  • Nosebleed


    Nosebleed documents a couple of months in the lives of two professional French poker players, Alexandre Luneau and Sébastien Sabic. Alex and Seb are among the top poker players in the world, and routinely play games with the biggest names in the game, names like Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen. They have made millions of dollars playing poker in online cash games, which makes them great players but not famous players, and they reason that winning a WSOP bracelet is…

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  • Italianamerican


    Film #66 of The December Project 2013.

    Martin Scorsese's Mother's Italian Meatballs in Sauce Recipe

    Singe an onion & a pinch of garlic in oil.
    Throw in a piece of veal, a piece of beef, some pork sausage & a lamb neck bone.
    Add a basil leaf.
    When the meat is brown, take it out, & put it on a plate.
    Put in a can of tomato paste & some water.
    Pass a can of packed whole tomatoes through a blender & pour it in.…