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Letterboxd's Picks for Best Picture

A good companion piece to the recent list made by letterboxd staff. It is often said that The Academy doesn't always choose the nominee that *actually* deserves Best Picture. And according to the average ratings of the nominees on Letterboxd, that is true about 76% of the time!
Some Notes:
--Decades Ranked Highest Average to Lowest: 1970's (3.86), 2010's (3.80), 1990's (3.79), 2000's (3.75), 1980's (3.66), 1960's (3.65), 1940's (3.63), 1950's (3.58), 1930's (3.4)
--26% of the time the highest rated film won, 20% of the time it was at or almost (in even numbered nomination years) in the exact middle , and 16% of time the winner was the lowest
--The decade that had the most "correct" winners are…

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There are 3 family films in this list.

  • It's a Wonderful Life


  • The Sound of Music


  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial