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  • Act of Violence

    Act of Violence


    Has anyone ever pointed out that this is the almost the exact same plot as A History of Violence? Just me?

  • Future Hunters

    Future Hunters


    A wasteland warrior goes back in time to give Robert Patrick and his girlfriend a cursed spear that stabbed Jesus Christ on the cross in order to prevent a future holocaust.

    Yeah. And the Jesus Spear wasn't even the 3rd or 4th craziest thing in this fucking movie imagine that

    Watched as a part of the Midnight Movie Madness 50 film Box Set

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  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    A beach party in the vein of Enter the Void. A mansion that glows pink like the neon letters in Drive. An hour and thirty minute party montage that oozes neon liquid and blares broken sound. A transcendent audiovisual trip into the depths of the American youth.

    Its Spring Break.


    Compulsive trash humper and arthouse demigod Harmony Korine has somehow created one of the most visually and viscerally intense films of this generation. Uh huh. The film about Disney…

  • Trainspotting



    The word "trainspotting" can mean alot of things.

    It literally translates to the phyisical act of watching trains, whether it be for a hobby or for recreation.

    It's also commonly used among junkies to signal the track marks it leaves on the arms of addicts.

    In the context of Danny Boyle's masterpiece, the word means all of the above. The life of a heroin addict could be summed up as the act of watching trains. You are watching hundreds of…