Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk ★★★

It's hard to pass up on a film featuring the Old West, Kurt Russell, Richard Jenkins and cannibalistic troglodytes. I mean when will this opportunity ever present itself again in the history of film? This is reason alone to give Bone Tomahawk a look.

But be warned.

In addition to an ensemble that is totally bizarre but surprisingly great, Bone Tomahawk also contains some stomach turning violence and little spurts of intense action that almost make up for its rather sluggish 2 hour runtime.

For about 15 of its 130 minute slog Bone Tomahawk tries really hard to convince you that it's a horror film. But when it's not descending into dank caves filled with inbred Indian cannibals the film is a peculiar mix of tones that makes for an entertaining yet uneven experience from first time author-turned-director S. Craig Zahler.

Bone Tomahawk is absent of any kind of distinguishing style or tone which is an injustice to the oddball cast and crazy rescue mission concept. The descision to play things rather straight was definitely a weird one in my opinion. But not all is lost on the entertaining performances of a spry Kurt Russell, a hilarious Richard Jenkins, the ever reliable Patrick Wilson, resurrected versions of David Arquette and Matthew Fox  as well as Sid Haig thrown in just for fun.

The film is part horror, part Western Drama, and part buddy road trip comedy all in one solid, surprising, but disappointingly dry package.

It might entertain you and revolt you in equal measures but doesn't leave you with much else to sit on except for maybe the haunting wails of the cannibals rolling over the rocky desert hills.

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