The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★★

At the time probably one of the most repulsive and creatively bankrupt sequel attempts in film history, I think TCM2 can now be looked at in an entirely new light within a reboot/sequel/MCU populated cinematic landscape thats reigned over by the monolithic visage of the Mickey Mouse Corporation.

On a thematic level I could describe this film as simply observing the psycho-sexual tendencies of the original again, but this time in a neon lit Fellini-esque carnival of raw flesh, carcasses, bones and Christmas lights of all things. But from a more practical, behind the scenes perspective this is a very fascinating case of a director lampooning and outright desecrating his own creative property in real time before us. Effectively killing it before anybody else can do it for him. It's basically Tobe Hooper drawing a line in the sand and saying "if I cant have this franchise my way, ill make sure nobody can have it"

The series was probably about to be out of Hoopers control for good, with the first blood sucking leech coming in the form of the maniacal Canon Production Company and whatever hack they had in mind for the sequel project. After selling out his property to producers for sequel rights, a remorseful Hooper thought the best way to put down this dog was to take it out back and do it himself by directing the sequel personally with a bizare, contradictory philosophy that borders on self parody. This franchise suicide took the shape of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2; one of the most hilariously, cynically self-destructive sequels you'll likely ever see. Hooper knew the series was never going to achieve the heights of the original.... Honestly the first film became influential almost by accident, thus they were unlikely to induce lightning to strike the same spot twice. Plus enough time had passed since 1974 that the iron was so cold if you were to try and strike it once more proverbially speaking it would shatter into a thousand pieces. This film instead decided to throw it all out the window and then shoot it in mid air like a clay pidgeon. It effectively dug a grave for the Chainsaw series that it has yet to crawl back out of and after weve seen Halloween sink to the depths of Busta Ryhmes karate kicking Michael Myers and Friday the 13th be put through the gauntlet of Jason in space, maybe Hooper had the right idea all along. He sent his baby off with a chainsaw wielding Dennis Hopper and never looked back. Hoppers performance, the set design, and leatheface dry humping a woman with a chainsaw are all unforgettable. "Oh banana!"

The rest is just a feverish trip into the dankest underbelly of Hollywood hackery and greed and I love every braindead minute of it

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