A Fall from Grace

A Fall from Grace ½

My mom called me and was like “Danny we should watch the new Tyler perry movie” so we watched it on the phone together (cause we cute or whatever) since I’m away at uni and she’s home in the Bahamas.  I only watched this because of her. Anyway the shit was terrible. 

Tyler says he doesn’t find a writers room productive but had he have one, they would of told him this shouldn’t make it to screen. They shot this in 5 days, seems like he wrote it in 5 days too.  I mean that dialogue....it was like he wanted it to be bad.  I’m laughing at the fact that he said this was going to be unpredictable. I literally saw what was going to happen once her best friend was introduced. The whole basement thing was a shock, but that’s it. 

As a business student, that entire scene when she was fired was so annoying because they didn’t provide just cause, due process, or reasonable notice. The courtroom scene...it’s like he took every terrible scene from lame crime shows and threw them in there. Sigh The acting was cringe city

The entire movie was tired. Like sis weave. My mom said Tyler got the weaves they wore from wish.com I freaking died

On the bright side, least the reviews are better than Cats and Dolittle 🤷🏾‍♀️

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