Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea ★★★★

After the death of his brother, Lee is assigned the guardian of his nephew and moves back to the town where his name is synonymous with a family tragedy  

What’s interesting about this movie is that is it so devastating in many aspects, but simultaneously beautiful. The cinematography was just as beautiful and rich and raw as the performances. I’m glad I did not spoil the movie for myself because certain events that happened really tugged at my heart strings. I don’t know what I was missing in order for me to give this 5 stars, because I genuinely thought it was a TERRIFIC piece of work. Maybe because when it really had me going and feeling emotional something else didn’t bombard me to really disrupt my emotional balance. I was teary eyed for most scenes, but I never fully unleashed. (That police station scene tho. I had to pause 😔)

I loved all of the flashbacks that really gave us insight into the relationship between Lee, Joe, & Patrick to ensure that we understand the depth of emotion they felt while going through this tough time in their lives after the death of Joe. 
Overall I thought this was an amazing poignant film and everyone should see this at least once.

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