Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

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This is not your typical revenge film. In fact, I sometimes did not view it as a revenge film. I saw it as a film trying to reshape perspectives. Cassie’s intention was never to physically harm her targets, but to instil fear in them that could potentially reshape their actions. Placing fear in these men where respect should have been. She induces fear without being loudly villainous. Turning the tables right when they think they are about to score and carefully pointing out how the situation could have ended in an entirely different way. I think her hope was to foster enough fear to mitigate the amount of sexual abuse men so often take the opportunity to involve themselves in. Not only that, Cassie places other targets in the similar situation they so carelessly disregard. Making these vicious encounters that appear innocuous feel closer to home realizing how these situations needs to be taken more seriously. Also, how one little needle in your haystack can have odds stacked against you. One photo with a female showing some skin or out partying and she’s labeled as a potential whore that is asking to be raped. That women should act in accordance to the ideology of what primitive society said a woman should be. 

So many times accusations of sexual assault are brought forward and more often than not, predators get off free leaving the victims with overwhelming trauma. By the end of part 4 my stomach was in knots. This film showcased the impenetrable and impervious phenomenon that is “The Boys Club”. Men protecting their friends at the expense of others well beings. 

This is an incredibly nuanced film. This film was a tricky one to direct I’m sure. Balancing comedic cues with a heavy topic. I think it did a good job at seesawing and blending these two elements. However, some things were a bit wonky for me. I don’t think I need to comment on Carey’s performance. She’s a powerhouse no matter what role she plays. Overall, I think it’s a solid film and I’m happy to have this be my 1,000th film and 1st film of the year!

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