Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

From the moment this started, I knew this was going to be something special. The way this film started off so incredibly loud and rumbustious, almost deafening and ended in absolute silence was just genius.

The disbelief as Ruben's feels his hearing slowly getting away from him broke my heart. You can see his mind running through a million thoughts of no there’s no way I’m loosing my hearing. Maybe water is in there, maybe my ears just need to pop. The freaking look on his face as the time pass and he realizes his hearing is not coming back is painful!!!

The constant “sound” of silence was used perfectly here. There was enough silence for us to relate and get into the headspace of Ruben and enough sound that it did not feel like a parody of a silent film. The way sound was used and not used in this film made the world of a difference. Just as simple as not putting subtitles for the first house meeting when everyone was speaking sign language around him. This further allowed us to relate and feel Ruben's struggle. For majority of us, we too do not speak sign language, and to be given that upper hand wouldn’t seem fair. We are meant to feel just as lost and overwhelmed as he is.

That scene towards the end was so profound. He finally experienced that stillness that Joe spoke about and understood the importance of it. Realizing that the cards he was dealt in life does not have to be the death of him.

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