The Post

I saw (parts of) this movie six hours ago. I left with about forty-five minutes remaining. Since then, I actually completely forgot I’d even seen the movie until somebody replied to my snapchat story asking how the film was. So, how was it? Boring.
The Post encapsulates everything I hate about movies. It’s badly paced, undeniably monotonous and excruciatingly ugly - seriously, this movie is such an eye sore. Has Spielberg ever heard of colour grading? 
Meryl Streep is awful. I don’t like Streep, but I entered and approached the film from a reasonably objective standpoint; however, after seeing her wake up in a shocked state three times in half an hour, I just couldn’t be bothered any more.
Hanks is great for the small amount of screen time he is given, but not once is he given a time to shine. It’s just Streep flicking her clit for two hours and I hated it.
Give it a miss, the more this film makes, the longer Spielberg will continue to phone it in with uninspired and dull movies.

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