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  • Midsommar



    watched with no expectations knowing nothing

    and holy fuckery fucking fuck nightmares for days guaranteed

  • Fat Choi Spirit

    Fat Choi Spirit


    honestly don't think too much about it

    heng ong huat

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  • Full Metal Jacket

    Full Metal Jacket


    idk what to expect this was from the molding of a squad to choosing joker as a focus and looking at the events surrounding him the tonal shift - although isn't drastic and comes to a full circle eventually - actually tries giving two different messages in one sitting
    in any case i think the portrayal of casual everyday events depicting the normality of Vietnam war - unlike other war films showing pure desensitizing violence - further pushes it's melancholy…

  • Drive



    ohh my god the composition for shots and lighting for it - almost every frame is a photo of itself it is so thoughtful and detailed that spare no real estate in frame to waste yet lets the tungsten lighting highlights the important characters and symbolic motifs of the shot
    the pacing cuts to the chase and not waste a single second - this is accounting the emotional buildup and the silence it is just the right appropriate account of…