The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ★★★★

this one is like a drug to me - provides a rush of nostalgia, adrenaline, fun and emotion all in one

not even gonna lie about being biased towards yet another heavily flawed spidey film but I honestly don’t care, I fukn love this shit

all sentimental value aside, there are some genuinely really great moments in this film that I feel are often overlooked:
. that opening scene alone (with Spider-Man, not the parents subplot lmao) is one of the greatest action scenes in a Spider-Man film
. it includes the amazing swinging scenes of Spidey that are also present throughout the film
. on top of the awesome action is Hans Zimmer’s brilliant score that produces so much dopamine in my brain and makes me wanna jump around doin flips n shi, probably one of my fav Spider-Man scores (“I’m Spider-Man” in particular goes hard)
. the VFX/CGI and cinematography looks fukn sick, the crew did a hella good job fr
. Peter and Gwen - Andrew and Emma are my OTP I wish they stayed together :/ they depict the best relationship out of all the Spider-Man films, yes even when against Tom and Zendaya
. the soundtrack is actual bangers AND I JUST REALISED THEY PLAY PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS BY KID CUDI I WAS LIKE YOOOO FUKN LOVE THAT SONG and “It’s On Again” and “The Edge” are certified hood classics
. also I appreciate the concept of the parents subplot for tryna be different and bring something new to the table even if it’s executed quite poorly

yeh the villains kinda suck massive cock and Electro is goofy af but if I’m being completely honest idgaf, this film is still entertaining as hell

true heartbreak is being so hyped for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and spending so much time in your youth researching Easter eggs and theories, only for Spider-Man to get a reboot :( but it’s okay we still love Tom and I cannot fucking wait to see them together along with Tobey… a dream that is soon to become a reality and I’ve never been more excited for anything ever and probably never will be

pls pls pls pls don’t fuck this up in No Way Home I beg

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