2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★

I'm sorry, 2001.

It's not you, it's me.

My aversion to your genre has kept me away from you for a while. I figured you were a good introduction to it, but I guess I was also afraid I wouldn't like you as much as I hoped. Alas, I was correct. I know what I've given you is considered fairly decent, four of the allotted five stars, but I also know that you're used to only the highest treatment and praise, and I haven't been able to give you that.

Can we try again? As soon as I was finished with you I went and read some people's accounts of their own experiences and thoughts in the hope that I could make this work, because believe me, I wanted it to. And I understand now. Because my understanding has come afterwards, and not during my experience, I'm not able to give you the rating you deserve. Once I see you again I know things will be different, because I won't be viewing things while in a state of confusion that resembled a hole I kept digging myself deeper and deeper into as things progressed.

Maybe it's my age; maybe it's the fact that this was my first viewing of you. I do, however, fully understand why you are considered a masterpiece— I'm not completely in the dark. Your cinematography was also probably the most stunning I have ever seen, especially in the first segment. Every shot was perfect. I suppose we have Kubrick and his mastery to thank for that.


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