It's Such a Beautiful Day

It's Such a Beautiful Day ★★★★★

Bill is perhaps the most human character I have ever come across. He is, also, a stick man. It is a very sad thing to me that this will be the reason some people overlook the film. I was skeptical at first, but what ensued was one of the most beautiful and real things I have ever watched. I don't think I got as much out of it as others did, sadly, but I have still been able to appreciate and recognize the messages. The film is a great enjoyment. And it should be seen.

With sharp, black humor we are taken through the life of Bill, a man slowly dying of an unspecified disease that affects his memory. It's Such a Beautiful Day is so very special because of the way it delivers Bill's story. It is filled with all the little quirks, thoughts and odd things that make us human. And we can relate. It points these out without shame, despite some of them being quite strange. It also depicts Bill's deteriorating mental state without censoring itself. This makes for some interesting things, but after a while we're not laughing anymore. The blend of relatable human experiences and ones that are unique to Bill makes for an engaging watch.

It's Such a Beautiful Day has a lot to say. We have been presented with a surreal and existential film that throws blatant messages in wherever it can while still clearly following its storyline. As Bill realizes: many of us waste our lives worrying about how we're going to die, and when, and what will come after. We spend so many sleepless nights and long days consumed by fear of the future that we forget to live our life and enjoy what we have been given. Our hero that we have grown to care for so much realizes this perhaps too late, but it is also because of his inevitable death that he realizes it. The end sequence is perhaps the most supportive of the initial message: If death didn't exist, life wouldn't mean a thing. Time is a concept we human beings have created in order to measure our lives and try to keep them under control. Despite this so many of us seem to forget that we should be living our lives as they are now while we still have them.

It's one hour long and it's one of the most important films out there. It will make you laugh, it will teach you things, it will make you think. I feel that I appreciate things a bit more now. While It's Such a Beautiful Day seems it's just following a man as he nears the end of his life, once it's over the messages will all come into view. The end ties everything together, and little bits of important messages pop up as it goes along. I think it is a film that is very open to interpretation, and different people are going to come out of it with different ideas on what it was trying to get across. Whether you find it profoundly moving or not, it is an enjoyable experience that should not be overlooked because of its simple style. It really has so much to say.

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