Sorcerer ★★★★

Friedkin's take on Clouzot's "wages of fear" is not as good as the original.
Sorcerer is louder, due to the almost horror like music. The tension feel's different. While the original came without any music.
The build up was slower and everything was silent in those specific, nerve-wracking moment's.
Sorcerer has a faster pacing, which is at some point's better than the slower, especially at the beginning, tempo of the original.
On the other hand it is sometimes to fast and to jumpy, i wished it had more moment's of depth for the character's, like the original. Which is interesting, because Friedkin decided to give these characters backstories, while the original gaves us only some hint's about it's characters. I couldn't really connect to the character's in Sorcerer, not as much as i did in the original, where a lot of time was given for the depth and interpersonal relationships.
The characters in Sorcerer are colder and more badass, while the original one's feel more human.
BUT, Sorcerer looks awesome, it manages to look even darker, grittier, dirrtier and more sweaty.
The music is phenomenal as is the sound design.
In both film's you can feel the exhausting journey and the desperate situation.
I like the original a bit more though.🇺🇲

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