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  • Amour



    every theme Haneke chooses to explore in his works always intrigues me. he depicts them so blatantly bleak and i love it. 

    amour definitely has some tokyo story vibe to it. for some reason films about old age deeply affect me. dont get me wrong tho, they are 2 different films entirely. tokyo story made me realize how important it is to have meaningful relationships with my (future) children. this film made me not want to grow old at all.

  • The Queen of Black Magic

    The Queen of Black Magic


    best indo horror ive seen in a while. jijik bgt asli

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  • Impetigore



    jelek bgt. i wont even bother to mention the good things about this film like i did with gundala bc the writing and the editing choices after the first half are just so, so bad.

  • The White Ribbon

    The White Ribbon


    a tale of malice and mystery in a small, pre WW1 german village which revolves around a few families of different backgrounds and social class, with children being the focal point of the story. my favorite from Haneke. 

    on a side note, I realize now how much netflix’s Dark borrows from The White Ribbon.