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Pirateneckbeard's top 21(I failed could not eliminate now 28) non 2021 first time watches of 2021

I'm sticking my neck out for this one. I really tried to make it 21 but I did enjoy these films and to let you know I started with 54 so there was some whittling Plus thanks to fellow letterboxd Jack Often for the inspiration.

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  • Maborosi
  • The Meetings of Anna
  • Hold Me While I'm Naked
  • Sitting Target
  • Time to Die
  • Anguish
  • Night Slaves
  • Payday
  • Chilly Scenes of Winter
  • I Knew Her Well
  • Baby Blood
  • King and the Clown
  • Rabid Dogs
  • Grand Slam
  • Room at the Top
  • The Final Programme
  • Shoot the Moon
  • Julia
  • Our Mother's House
  • The Nickel Ride
  • Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot!
  • The Black Tavern
  • Sole Survivor
  • Twisted Nerve
  • Boat People
  • North Sea Hijack
  • Confessions of a Police Captain
  • Heartland