Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol ★★½

another movie where my rating can’t fully capture how i feel about it.

i think this one aged pretty badly – it’s so schlocky and corny. i also call racism on the anil kapoor scenes. a weird indian sex guy into weird indian sex things! how cool and original. also the villain is completely forgettable, especially sandwiched between philip seymour hoffman and noted creepy weirdo solomon lane.

anyways this is the film in the series that introduces all the things i love about the MI franchise:

- very high level of human /mechanical error that frequently causes the team to almost die 

- a powerful sense of the intense physical pain that tom cruise has to endure while, say, getting blown up at the kremlin. it helps that he’s aging. This sets the stage for a later trope, ethan hunt as slapstick action ragdoll

- the feeling that these action scenes are almost like small, impossible obstacle courses. this is another way of saying that it feels like the team are actually being creative with the set pieces, and they’re all so fun: the prison break, the abu dhabi (always gives me sweaty palms), the kremlin break-in, hospital escape... and it’s all the better that the team actually just fucks up for 70% of this movie before rallying at the end. ebert referred to these scenes as “action poetry” and i’ll never forget it

but yeah the acting was awful. except simon pegg. jeremy brenner is just disgusting here

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