Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★


It's a weird and uneasy film largely due to Zack Snyder's borderline atheistic expression that basically spits in the face of hardcore superhero fans for being a flock of clueless deists (his words, not mine) that overtly clashes with the studio mandate to appease said deists. As a result, Snyder can only stuff so much of his worldview in the Lex Luthor character's mouth before the studio catches him in the act and orders him to end the film on an uncannily optimistic note (which, to no one's surprise, rings awfully false) that also happens to double as a form of narrative stimulus for the extended universe scheme. It's an infamous case of "one for me, one for them" writ large.

I still have to read up on Snyder's political and spiritual beliefs, but it's easy to chalk his stance on superhero worship/Deism in Dawn of Justice up to an expression of Dawkinsian rage -- sound and fury signifying falsehood in superheroes' divinity.

I think I'm beginning to show signs of love for this lumbering mess of cinematic manifesto.

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