It Chapter Two ★★★½

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Considering my less-than-enthusiastic response to the much-hyped dud that is Andy Muschietti’s first stab at an It movie, I’m actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the immediate follow-up. Muschietti almost entirely forgoes the pretense of horror this time around, choosing instead to double down on the manic, often off-kilter energy only slightly hinted at in the first cinematic chapter of It — a move that comes with my seal of approval, since the filmmaker was never particularly adept at staging good scares. The denouement is one for the ages — vivid images of compassion overlap with one another to form a complete collage that forgives an entire history of hatred and ignorance, thus allowing broken souls to transcend their battered shells. Probably the closest we’ll ever get to a crowd-pleasing Silent Hill movie.

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