Midsommar ★★

Blatantly showy and obvious to the point where making a formalist case for/against it is futile — the movie already does all the thinking for you. One of those frustrating pieces of genre filmmaking that camouflages its airheaded nature with carefully calculated gestures to arthouse formalism just because. Midsommar hits every note with clockwork precision (you’d think a movie coasting on zaniness would at least try to avoid predictability, but alas), yet it still insists on being “provocative”, “shocking”, and several other combinations of blurb-worthy adjectives. The movie insists on being new —the arrogance is almost unbearable (pun somewhat intended) as it churns out shot after shot of supposedly unnerving symmetry, practically yelling at you about how completely unique and off-the-wall it is. This is how you’re supposed to do horror, Ari Aster seems to be saying. Everything else is an embarrassment to the genre’s legacy. 

Watch Antichrist instead.

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