The Lion King

The Lion King ½

It says a lot about the general air of societal pessimism that a great many people the world over would be willing to directly fund the machine that promises a nostalgic glimpse of " the simpler times", a rose-colored shelter from the horrors of the increasingly apocalyptic present reality.

All of this is to say that The Lion King remake, as pointless and wretched as it is, is a natural by-product of contemporary sociopolitical climate where few things make sense. Disney has thus perfected its industry equivalent of strongman rhetorics, the only difference being that the Mouse House never bothered to pay lipservice to public welfare. Its brand of capitalism is of the undiluted kind, which is almost disturbingly admirable at this point.

It's only appropriate that the filmmakers used advanced virtual-reality techniques to make this film; the latest Disney remake represents a cultural stasis designed to immerse the viewer in an artifice of their own past experiences.

They say your entire life flashes before your eyes as you retreat to the cold embrace of death.

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