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  • Soul



    This was a big swing uptick in quality from Onward (which always felt like a DreamWorks flick that snuck into the slush pile), and while the comparisons with Inside Out felt a little immediate and obvious, the themes of living life (or indeed, being stuck in your middle-age, still waiting for it to start) felt like a rare story aimed squarely at the adults in the audience this time around. I guess it wouldn't be a "true" Pixar movie if…

  • Scrooged



    What surprised most upon rewatching, is how "meta" Scrooged was before the term came to be; and that 32 years later the premise of modern riff of A Christmas Carol remains a rare quantity in mainstream cinema. Bill Murray remains an inspired choice as lead, where even upon reformation he retained a certain manic if not plain unhinged quality hinting at the former persona. Within the original story, I always found Scrooge's miraculous turning into a grinning naif a little too glib; here Murray's sudden charity still felt in keeping with what came before.

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  • The Incredibles

    The Incredibles


    I was at the RTÉ Concert Orchestra's 'Pixar in Concert' a few weeks back (sidenote, highly entertaining) and it reminded me of an important fact - I hadn't seen The Incredibles since it came out in the cinema all those moons ago. This was something I soon rectified, firing up that film and enjoying it all over again.

    What a show. You can see why Brad Bird is so highly regarded these days, because his sophomore directorial effort is a…

  • Justice League

    Justice League


    A total, unfocused mess that once again betrayed studio tinkering and re-jigging (albeit enforced by personal tragedy this time) based on knee-jerk reactions and an absence of actual creative or structural direction. Sure, it was passingly entertaining in fits & starts, but only in the sense of a stopped clock being right twice a day. The fingerprints of Joss Whedon's reshoots were everywhere, and even by his own standards, the snark and banter felt like first drafts, few of them landing…