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  • It



    To quote the guy I overheard when leaving the cinema, “that was wank.” It is not entirely without merit, of course, but it nevertheless failed to engender a pervasive sense of dread or sadness or that something is clearly, fundamentally wrong in this storyworld. That’s not for a want of trying, exactly, but the film frequently forsakes any attempts at building an ominous or otherwise oppressive atmosphere for easy, bombastic haunted house scares to which I quickly became numb. That…

  • Kuso



    I admire this film's brazenness and (fucked) imagination, and appreciate what it's trying to do, but its overly loose structure precluded any deep investment on my part - a shame, because I love Flying Lotus more than anything. Still, at the very least, it makes a persuasive argument for Busdriver acting as the Chorus for every film made from this point forward.

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  • The Danish Girl

    The Danish Girl

    The kind of worthy filmmaking I disdain made all the more insufferable because it exploits trans history for an insipidly tasteful, egregiously confused spectacle of Otherness that's designed for readers of the Daily fucking Telegraph.

  • Wind River

    Wind River


    Gee, for a film about the wrongs committed against Native Americans - and, in particular, Native American women - this sure does have a sympathetic white dude in the lead role.