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This review may contain spoilers.

resonated deeply within me

the narrative is incredible,

the way the contrast of visual and sound content opens up a intimate space, encouraging the viewer to revoke his own narrative,

passings encapsulating the stills,
life passing but being still in love,

Chantal voicing her mother,
her obsessive thoughts and overwhelming care
triggering emotions and reflections on my own mother

my attention was mostly drawn to the experience of being a mother, the „loving mother“ that is everywhere , always moving with notions of protection, worry, and selfless love that leave a neverending trail of tired, worn-out women behind who live for and through others

i heard my mother coming home and paused the movie to hug her, in a guilty impuls, to see her crying over my father's selfish behaviour carried by his self importance that he often tries to mask as common sense

we talked,
easing each other's pain

after that we unclogged a toilet together :,,

now, more then ever, i feel the sincere will to protect and embrace my mother, remind her as much as possible that she is good, a good creature of love,

remind as many mothers as i can (!!)

Truly grateful for Chantal Akerman's inspiring work

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