Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★

Every time I rewatch Django Unchained the thing I'm most excited about it is the holy trinity performances of Leo, Samuel, and Christoph. It's like watching a triple threat match fighting for the title of the most outrageous performance. It's stylish, hilarious, unapologetic, and self-aware. Django gives you everything you expect from a Tarantino film: hilariously excessive violence, a "that one scene that everyone's gonna talk about", a lot of music montages, and caucasians saying the n-word to the point of making you uncomfortable. I have no problems with the length of the film, I was thoroughly entertained throughout and I couldn't think of a scene that should have been cut out, not even the deliberately elongated scene about the mask. I do think Tarantino just made Kill Bill again, but this time he finally went straight-up spaghetti western. I can't decide if Kill Bill or this film had more blood in it.