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This review may contain spoilers.

The first viewing of a Nolan film is always a moment to be cherished, his films are more like cinematic events and I really want to stress, and applaud, the way he consistently steals our breath and fills our hearts with triumph. I LOVE every Nolan film the first time around.

Sadly... the second time around is never as good, I've yet to watch a film of his that holds up under much scrutiny and for better or for worse, Interstellar may well be the most Nolan movie Nolan has ever directed. All past elements from his oeuvre are slammed into a single film resulting in a film that almost feels like, "Christopher Nolan: The Movie".

So yes, I have seen Interstellar only once, as predicted I ended the film with a wide eyed look of pure adoration and 99% of the film went entirely over my head. I'm hoping Interstellar is the one film that breaks the trend but I'm not holding my breath for that and so do take this entire review with a grain of salt until I've got the home release in hand and I've had time to properly study, process and untangle this flick. With that out of the way, let's talk about the movie!

Nolan is a director often criticised for being "cold", whether you agree or not, the level of human and emotional layers woven into this narrative are really unlike anything Nolan has tried before, and I mean that in the best of ways. This is an epic space adventure sure but what begins as initially one man's quest to save the world, eventually turning into a deconstruction of humanity itself eventually streamlines into the story of one man who literally defies reality itself to be reunited with his daughter - this is the arc that holds everything together.

The films message - that love is the most powerful force in any dimension - has really split many critics, and audiences, down the middle and although I'm not sure how I feel about the corniness of it all in itself, Matthew McConaughey really fucking sells it man. Don't get me wrong this has an all star cast - including Chastain getting the first well written female character ever found in a Nolan film - and everyone pulls their weight but this film takes some surprising risks for a multiplex movie and I just don't believe it could have worked as well with anyone other than McConaughey centre stage.

The first two acts are extremely difficult because the science factfiction is ridiculously dense, complex and convoluted forcing you to think in a way you would have probably never even thought of attempting to do before but McConaughey's humanity shines through Cooper like a beacon, giving you something to hold onto even in moments where the sheer quantity of new ideas seem fit to drown you.

Nolan always seems to bite off more than he can chew, juggling so many ambitions only so long before the balls begin to drop. I often find his films always feel like they are one edit away from a classic, just one more script revision or one more, slightly tighter, edit away. Thankfully, It feels like I finally got what I wanted with Interstellar, which is Nolan's most ambitious project yet, yet also seems to be his most freeing. Despite this being a long film filled to the brim with content, it still feels wonderfully streamlined, utterly efficient and Nolan makes sure to never waste a single moment.

Just wow.

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