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Much like with 'Get Out', 'Us' starts with fairly humble beginnings and then opens out through a series of bonkers escalations that really transform the movie you are watching. Most of the twists can be seen from a mile away and most of the developments are really rather silly, but I feel like it did a better job of staying as close to the rails as it could, than 'Get Out' did.

I usually quite enjoy films that task the cast with playing two versions of themselves but ironically there is as much seeming unintended comedy stemming from this device as there are scares.

You have what may or may not be the evil versions of the core cast putting on silly voices or making silly sounds as they flamboyantly prance around in matching sets of boiler suits and a single fingerless glove, which I guess may be a reference to Thriller/Michael Jackson to telegraph the big final twist... maybe? But I dunno why they all have matching pairs of golden scissors for weapons. It is all just sorta goofy, each second version is sorta made up like when a pro wrestler lazily switches to a heel version of their face character and I usually found myself laughing at the end of tense sequence and I am not sure I was supposed to be.

Oh and just an FYI be warned that literally nothing gets wrapped up in this film and nothing gets explained. While there is a lot less Tumblr pandering here than there was in the ludicrously overhyped 'Get Out', this is still far more about allegory than it is actual story. It is about a family trying to survive the night after an invasion of clones/doppelgangers/shadow people... something come out from underground where they have been living apparently. Yeah, it is pretty weird.

I haven't done one of these in a long while so... Bottom Line? I couldn't quite work out whether this was intended as a surprisingly creepy comedy film or a surprisingly funny horror film, but I will say that overall I had fun with this, all the same.

— Locke.

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