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This review may contain spoilers.

I'm still not 100% sure what I thought of this but I had a lot of fun and my friend left the cinema saying Kylo Ren is now her favourite character, too, and that made me really happy. (I've been gravitating toward him for the past two years - partly out of spite - and yeah he's 100% my favourite, now, for sure).

Also, I'm not usually one for fight scenes - I get bored by them - but the throne room fight scene was rad. The design of the throne room was amazing in itself but yeah. That fight scene. I honestly wanted to applaud when it was over and nearly yelled out 'THAT WAS RAD!'

The whole movie looks great - I appreciated the use of close-ups throughout - and it was cool to see more of the world(s) (the casino town) and meet some new characters (Rose was cute!) as well as our (old) favs.

The amount, or perhaps style, of comedy surprised me. It was a lot...sillier? Maybe? Than I was expecting but I enjoyed it.

Anyway, I'll need a second viewing to figure out what didn't work exactly (because I know there were elements that didn't work for me but not 100% sure what they were) but I know that the scenes with Ben/Kylo and Rey were absolutely my favourite. The connection between them really drove the film and Kylo certainly carried the film for me.

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